Sunday, March 1, 2009

You know you are in the 211th when...

1. You know more about SPC Anderson's husband than your own spouse. -Logue

2. Every time you hear a female voice, you think it is your commander. -Fardette

3. You have asked "Is there a whale in here?"-Logue

4. You get nagged at by your boss for NOT blogging. -46R's

5. You have been gone from your family for 5 months and have only received 2 weeks of combat pay. -Heise

6. The patch on your left sleeve doubles as a sniper target. -Fardette

7. You think "Alperinism" is a word

8. When coffee CAN cure your problems.

9. You laugh when you hear the words "Live the legend" (sorry SSG Edson)

10. You wake up to your neighbors snores/grunts at 2 a.m. -Logue

11. You're surrounded by questionable people. MAJ D.

12. in response to #11 You're a questionable person yourself. -UNKNOWN

13. No one here is from where you're from. SFC Q

14. You have a great sense of pride when you tell people you're the commander of the 211th MPAD. in response to number 12

15. You're XO was not only in the Civil War, but he documented it.

16. You're the only member of the original 211th MPAD still here. (I am thinking SFC Burke put this one up)

17. You think bad thoughts about the phrase "It's better to have it and not need it....then need it and not have it..."

If you have any questions or additional comments, please feel free to ask 1SG Martinez.

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