Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You know you are in the Army when...

The Broadcasters have a board in the room, and we started a "You know you are in the Army when..." list. Many people wrote their thoughts on this board. So here they go:

1. You feel naked without a rifle. SPC Logue
2. You get a letter in the mail that says "Go to war, or go to jail." SGT Pflieger
3.You spend more time with your battle buddy then with your family. SPC Fardette
4. Your boots actually smell like rotting meat.
5. You ask your wife if she has her CAC card when you go to dinner. 1SG Logan
6. When a day doesn't go by that you ask if the person you just passed was a male or female.
7. When you're in another country and can't get away from Texans -SSG Burrell
8. Someone asks you where you are from, and you can't really say where....
9. You've been to many countries and never needed a passport. SGT Saslav
10. You're scared to pet a puppy.
11. It's o.k to give a kid some candy.
12. You actually gain weight on your year-long paid vacation to the desert.
13. You save empty water bottles to fill in the middle of the night.
14. You get excited when you think your roommate left you a bottle of lemonade. (see # 13)
15. When you mistake the smell of dust for perfume.
16.When walking to a bathroom counts as your physical activity for the day.
17. Your spouse asks for an AAR after anything you do...
18. Your spouse knows what an AAR is...
19. You can only be sick/injured between the hours of 0700-0900.
20. You develop a hatred for gravel.
21. You see more naked people before 9 a.m than most people see in a year.

If you have anything more to add, feel free to comment, and I will post it.

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1SG Martinez said...

You know you are in the Army when. . . .
you take a book into a latrine to pass the time.