Saturday, December 20, 2008

I will admit it...

Broadcasters, "faces"....We can't spell. I have come to terms with my horrific spelling.

But, to my defense, I grew up as a spell check baby. I no I cant spell. I am sitting here next to SPC Anderson, who just proved my point. She is typing a blog...and spells influences with an 'e'..(enfluences).

I really just can't spell.

You wanna know the sad part? I was an English major (well literature)

I am just letting you guys know that I can' t spell well.'

By the way, I know that the word "no" is spelt the wrong way in the 2nd paragraph....

Monday, December 15, 2008

More Training

So, we have been training in the beautiful Bryan, Texas since the first week of November. Honestly, I can't even remember all the training that we have undergone. Two particular training events stand out in my mind. Driver's training and the wonderful Combat Lifesaver Course.

This driver's training was quite different from any other military driver's training that I have undergone. We drove at an off road site to see what the vehicles could do, and see how heavy up-armored doors weigh on an incline. Not to mention driving up and down in between a 40 and 60% incline. It was definitely a new experience driving up and down that enormous hill. A certain Specialist, who shall remain unnamed almost gave me a heart attack while he was driving up the hill. I enjoy skydiving, so not much scares me. But Specialist Alperin, has made me realize I don't want to be a passenger while he drives up a hill.

Now, to the best part. Combat Lifesaver Course. All of us participated in this class. It is a more advanced version of the buddy aid we learned in basic training. We learned how to do a needle chest decompression to treat tension pneumothorax (collapsed lung), inserting a nasopharengical tube (a nose hose to allow the victim to breathe better), and iniating a saline lock and an intravenous infusion (giving an IV to some poor sap). I got 2 IV's, one by SFC Quebec who did a pretty good job, and one by my Commander. Let's just say my arm hurt for a few days after the needle went strait through my vein. Then, it was my turn to stick someone....lets just say I kinna hurt the poor sap that I had to stick first. Then, I stuck a second person and went through, and didn't even make her bleed when inserting the needle.

Anyhow, it was a different experience....

Monday, December 1, 2008


I had a pretty great Turkey day. It started on Wed. night. I arrived in the beautiful Corpus Christi, Texas around 11 p.m. I dropped my gear and my dog at my mother's house and left to visit my friends. It was like a reunion, there was people that I grew up with everywhere!! I ran into people at get-together that I have known since Pre-K ( that was over 15 years ago).

Then, my Turkey day was great. We had a big Turkey dinner with the family, watched the Cowboy game of course, and then I took an astounding nap. Then I went to play poker with some of my friends, and of course lost. I tried not to watch the T.U/A&M game, but it was inevitable. That was a bad game....almost as bad as my poker....

The weekend went on, and I took care of some personal business.

Then, my roommate( who I have known since we were in the womb) and I headed back to College Station Sunday night. It was quite an uneventful 5 hour drive.